One day Kevin Jackson of then Nivek Pro (now Imagine Kulture) approached Chevonnese Chevers Whyte of Night Vision Media Ltd. with a project that he believed (and now we believe) will change Jamaica.  We recognized that Jamaica was forgetting its culture and we wanted an entertaining way to bring it back.  In comes Abeeku and the maroons.

Our story is a series of five (5) minute episodes organized into five (5) seasons with thirteen (13) episodes each season.  It chronicles the life of fictional character Abeeku who interacts with other fictional and sometimes historical characters.  We start out with Abeeku and Abina attempting to escape from a plantation.  In the midst of the escape, Abeeku loses contact with his sister Abina. He is discovered by The Maroons. With their assistance, Abeeku embarks on finding his sister and the story unfolds.

Three main characters are portrayed in our story: McNab the plantation owner; Abina a young girl in a strange world and pregnant; and of course Abeeku the lead.  We explore each character and how they lend to the story. Join us and watch Abeeku and the maroons.

Lead Characters

Two (2) teenagers versus an established rich business owner. Who will prevail? How do their stories relate to one another?


Take a behind the scenes tour of how Abeeku and the maroons is developed.  See the team in action on how to move forward, what content will be used, and hear from the creators how they plan to bring the story to life.

Season 1

Meet The Creators

A conversation between Kevin Jackson and Chevonnese Chevers Whyte about how the idea of Abeeku and the maroons was conceived.  They discuss the reasons why they decided to embark on the project and what influenced the development of the project. Watch it now...


S1E1 - Escape

Release Date: April 22, 2017

Abeeku and Abina struggle to escape from the plantation and plantation owner McNab


Abeeku and the maroons

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